Northern California Affiliate Showcase
June 29, 2013, 9 a.m.
Santa Clara Convention Center (map)

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General Info

Legendary Competitor and Progenex is proud to continue our partnership with the Fit Expo.  We are coming off a very successful LA Fit Expo CrossFit competition.  

The Fit Expo is proven to be a great showcase for area affiliates and CrossFit in general.  The expo is filled with individuals who have never had the privilege of witnessing what CrossFit as a sport or a training program is all about.  Come out and be part of an event that will have more non-CrossFitter spectators than crossfitters.  

Welcome to the Affiliate Showcase - Nor Cal; where teams (4 Athletes per Team; 2 Males+2 Females) from all over California will come to showcase their skills and test their abilities.  The events will be intelligently programmed, challenging and fun.  There are 2 skill levels available to compete in. 


Levels for Competition


Rx- Highest skill and fitness level. Have the ability to complete all workouts without making in modifications to movements or weight.  This division should be able to do muscle ups (men) Chest to bar (women) and perform the standard weights for olympic weightlifting movements.


Intermediate - An experienced athlete but still has a few skills or conditioning to develop. Has to scale some workouts either because of the weight or high level skill 


All competitors must be able to perform full range of motion of the following movements:

  • Burpees 
  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Squats (back, front, overhead)
  • Ground to Shoulder
  • Ground to Overhead
  • Box jumps
  • Kb Swings
  • Kb Snatch
  • Double Unders

Select your squad to compete
Each squad will complete the same workouts
Winners will be crowned after Sunday squads are complete


Available Squads
Saturday 6/29/13 - Team Competition Group A
Sunday 6/30/13 - Team Competition Group B

*Reg Fee - $260

*Limited to 50 Teams each squad; 

* 4 Athletes per Team; 2 Male+2 Female

*Two Divisions; Rx and Intermediate

Cash and Prizes for Rx Division

**Based on entries so get everyone you know to sign up fast!!!


Workout Details

Movement Standards




Box Jumps Standards 

  • Athlete may step up and step down
  • Must demonstrate control with both feet on box with hips and knees fully extended


EVENT #1 (see notes below for all instructions) - **NEW PART B**

Part A - 6 min to complete a max set 3 rep tng max ground to Overhead (single movement) for lbs 
Part B - 6 min Front Rack Barbell Carry for Distance- 3min each partner (Male 135/95, Female 95/65)



Part A - 3rep "touch and go" Ground to Overhead (No Change)

  • Review movement standard video. 
  • Each team must select 1 male and female for each part.  No person may do both parts.  
  • The barbell will begin empty.  The partners for the respective parts may assist with the loading/ unloading of the weight.
  • Clips must be used.  The change plates (2.5#/5#) must be visible on the bar (not covered by heavier plates)
  • Each athlete will have 3 minutes to reach the heaviest load for 3rep "touch and go".  At the completion of the first 3 minutes the athletes will switch.  The barbell does not need to be unloaded completely.
  • The athlete must perform a squat with each rep.  

Part B - Front Rack Barbell Carry (NEW) 

  • The barbell will begin empty.  
  • The team on the front rack barbell carry may assist each other with loading and unloading.
  • All teams will have females begin the first 3 minutes.  Followed by the  males to finish out the final 3 minutes.
  • At the conclusion of the first 3 minutes the females will set barbell down and the males will continue from where the females left off.
  • The course is an out and back style.  The distance will be disclosed at the event.  There will be 2 point system per trip. A mid way point and the turn around point. 
  • The score is the total points earned as a team.


“The Bird”
Time cap:15 minutes
Transition: 3 minutes 

For Time:
100 bar-facing burpees (total)
followed by
4 rounds of:
7 ctb pullups/ pullups (station A)
4 hang  power cleans m(155#/105#) f(95#/65#) (station B)
7 box jumps m(30”/24”) f(24”/20”) (station C)
followed by
100 bar-facing burpees


  • 100 Bar facing burpees (station B) only 1 person may work at a time.  All team members must start on the same side of the bar.
  • Once 100 bar facing burpees are completed, Male A and Female A will work at the same time @ Station A (pullup rig)
  • There will be judge for each athlete working
  • Once the male A and female A complete their reps, male B and female B may begin their reps @ Station A
  • The entire team must remain at station A until all reps are completed then move together to next station.
  • Follow this format for station B and station C
  • The entire team will complete 4 rounds 
  • Once complete with 4th round @ Station C, team moves back to Station B to complete bar-facing burpees with 1 person working at a time.


  • barbell w/ male weight
  • barbell w/ female weight
  • 1 games style box (30"/24"/20")
  • all stations on (2)x 4”x 6” mats






AMRAP in 10 Minutes:

Watt Bike for Highest Avg Watts during 10 minutes (1 person)

1 person will be performing 1 round then rotating through the team

7 Front Squats (Rx 155/95), (Int 105/65)

28 Double Unders

7 Toes 2 Bar

After each round is complete the team will rotate

**The Barbell may never touch the groundif it does, each person must do 3 burpees and then proceed where they left off**



  • The watt bike may be set to the damper and resistance of choice.
  • The barbells may never touch the ground.  There are 2 barbells for each team.  
  • The penalty if the barbell touches the ground is- each person must do 3 burpees and then proceed where they left off.  This includes athlete on watt bike.  Ex. Male a then Male b then Female A followed lastly by Female B.
  • The team must rotate to a new team member after each round is completed.  
  • This workout has 2 scores - The avg watts from the watt bike and the total # of reps completed
Do's / Don'ts


  • Water/ snacks (Food for Athletes ONLY in Athelte area)
  • Chalk (please be mindful and treat the venue with respect)
  • Ice 
  • Chairs/ lounge blankets


  • Alcohol
  • Pets  
  • Easy up

This is an indoor event which the space will be limited.  We do not have a designated affiliate area.  There will be a warmup and athlete only area for athletes to stage gear.



There are no refunds!!


To have the event run smoothly, we must have an adequate number of judges.  It is a great experience to support our community.  Please come out to support your fellow athletes and affiliate members.  The events are not possible with the support of our community.


**PLEASE NOTE: All gyms with a registered team(s) will be required to supply one judge** 


We will have judge conference call on the following dates:

May 28th @ 7:30pm pst

June 25th @ 7:30pm pst


It is not required for judges to participate in every call.  Each call we will cover the movement standards, judging tips and other event specific information.  All information discussed on these calls are not to be shared with participating athletes.


It is important for all judges to know and be comfortable with all movements and points of peformance for each movement.



Hotel Discount

Discount room rates of $115.00 (single/double) per night at the Santa Clara Hilton if booked by May 28, 2013.  TheFitExpo room block is quickly filling up! Once rooms are gone alternative properties might be further away and not offer as good rates as we were able to obtain.


Please know The Hilton Santa Clara is located across the street from the Santa Clara Convention Center and Parking is FREE


If you require a room with 2 beds referred to as a "double/double" they should probably call and get some assistance on the phone; the hotel considers some of their rooms as "double/double" with really only one bed and the other is a pull-out sofa.


Here is the reservation information:


The Hilton Santa Clara

4949 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Group Information:

Group Name: The Fitness Expo- Northern California

Group Code: TFENC

Online Reservation Link:

Direct Phone Number:(408) 330-0001

Schedule of Day

Heat List

Below is the heat list as of 6-27-13; if you see any discrepencies, please email and if you did not submit specific athletes for your team please email their names as well to ensure they get entry into the competition.  Thank you!

Heat List

Equipment for Sale

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