LA Battle of the Boxes by Progenex and Legendary Competitor
Jan. 19, 2013, 8:30 a.m.
LA Convention Center (map)

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General Info






Welcome to the L.A. Battle of Boxes.  Where boxes from all over California will come to challenge themselves and see which box will win the Battle.


Saturday 1/19/13 - Team Competition Group A

     *Reg Fee - $250

     *50 Teams; 4 Athletes per Team; 2 Male+2 Female

     *Two Divisions; Rx and Intermediate


Sunday 1/20/13 - Team Competition Group B

     *Reg Fee - $250

     *50 Teams; 4 Athletes per Team; 2 Male+2 Female

     *Two Divisions; Rx and Intermediate


Cash and Prizes for Rx Division

1st place $1500
2nd place $750 
3rd place $375


 Click here to purchase tickets in advance

***** Your affiliate should have received a flyer that will provide $5.00 off your ticket purchase at the door only***

If you did not receive coupon, you may print the coupon below and bring it with you.


Your ticket includes admission into the giant exhibition floor filled with the best cutting edge companies displaying, promoting and selling fitness, health and well-being products and services. Your admission ticket also includes FREE admission to all ALL competitions taking place on TheFitExpo Los Angeles floor! Don't forget to check out the FREE seminars, demonstrations and celebrity autograph sessions and grab all the FREE samples. Many of our exhibitors are offering super-cool products at discounted prices so be prepared for the shopping action. It's non-stop fun for the entire family and it is ONLY $20 a day!

Kids tickets, 12 and under, will be $10 a day at the door only. 
Kids 6 and under are free.


 Affiliate area space is limited so there will only have space for the teams who have registered.  (1) 10x10 space per registered team.  These spaces will be pre-assgned.  Group A will have spaces for Saturday only.  Group A must clean up fully Saturday and Sunday Group B teams will have assigned spaces

Workout Details

Movement List - The following movements will be in the workouts


Farmers Carry

Hang Power Cleans

Pull-Ups (CTB for Rx)

Double Unders

Kettlebell Swings

Bar Facing Burpees

Box Jumps

Handstand Pushups/ Hand release-pushups w/ feet on plate

Front Squats


Here are the movement standards

  • Box jumps not shown in video -  Standard is you must reach full extension while both feet are on top of box.  No jumping off box until full extension is achieved.  
  • Farmer carry is not shown - Standard is must carry one handle in each hand.  The weight can not drag on ground.




Event #1 - Pop Lockin'

Time cap: 12 min


For time:

Relay race style

1 athlete per team works at a time

10 deadlifts - male(315/225) female(225/135)
Farmers carry to wall 80’ out / 80’ back 
Climb over the wall

Pick up sandbag
Run to marker with sandbag 
Cross marker and come back to wall
Drop sandbag
Climb over wall
Farmers carry back to team
10 deadlifts - male (315/225) female (225/135)
tag partner


  • Each teammate will perform 2 trips.  One team member may not do 2 trips consecutively.
  • There will be 2 barbells per team (male weight and female weight)
  • There will be a pair of farmer handles for both male and female per team
  • The weight for the farmer carry will be announced on a later.  Plan heavy
  • You may hold sandbag anyway you choose the weight will be a surprise
  • You MUST tag the next partner before the partner can start doing the deadlifts

For a look at the layout: Pop Lockin' Workout Diagram


Event #2 - "Hands On"


Tools and Rules

•2 kettlebells per team – male kb/ female kb
•1 barbell per team (team must change weight between their females and males)
•Only 1 person may perform reps at a time
•Kettblebells or barbell can not touch ground, except at start of workout.
•If kb or barbell touch ground the athlete performing the reps must stop until kb or barbell is picked up
•Only the teams jump ropes may be on the ground


Workout Details

Time Cap: 15 minutes

•100 front squats – m(135/95) f(95/65)
•30 handstand pushups/ 60 hand release pushups w/ feet on plate
•150 kb swings – m(70/53) f(53/35)
•30 handstand pushups/ 60 hand release pushups w/ feet on plate
•200 double unders
All reps quantities are total for team.
Here is a audio explanation of "Hands On" 




Event #3 “The Bird”
Time cap:15 minutes
Transition: 3 minutes

For Time:
100 bar-facing burpees (total)
followed by
4 rounds of:
7 ctb pullups/ pullups (station A)
4 hang  power cleans m(155#/105#) f(95#/65#) (station B)
7 box jumps m(30”/24”) f(24”/20”) (station C)
followed by
100 bar-facing burpees


  • 100 Bar facing burpees (station B) only 1 person may work at a time.  All team members must start on the same side of the bar.
  • Once 100 bar facing burpees are completed, 1 male and 1 female  work at the same time @ Station A (pullup rig)
  • There will be judge for each athlete working
  • Once the male A and female A complete their reps, male B and female B may begin their reps @ Station A
  • The entire team must remain at station A until all reps are completed then move together to next station.
  • Follow this format for station B and station C
  • Once complete with 4th round @ Station C, team moves back to Station B to complete bar-facing burpees with 1 person working at a time.


  • barbell w/ male weight
  • barbell w/ female weight
  • 2 games boxes - 1-@30"/ 1-@24" 
  • all stations on (2)x 4”x 6” mats



Venue Details

Event layout Diagrams

Pop Lockin' Workout Diagram


Events in West Halls A and B
Saturday January 19, 2013 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Sunday January 20, 2013 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Los Angeles Convention Center is located at

1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Click here for directions:


There are a number of parking options for those driving to TheFitExpo Los Angeles. Our event is in the West Halls, so parking at the West Side Convention Center entrances are the best. The South Garages are open as well. In addition the lots at LA LIVE and the parking lots across Figueroa will be open and available.


Come early and enjoy a full day with us!

Athlete List

Please review the list and if you have any TBD,missing information, or change to Team Name, please provide it to


Athlete Heat List by Team Name - Heat List


Do's / Don'ts


  • Water/ snacks (Food for Athletes ONLY in Athelte area)
  • Chalk (please be mindful and treat the venue with respect)
  • Ice 
  • Chairs/ lounge blankets
  • There will be assigned Affiliate spaces (easy up 10x10) Bring you own easy up.  Group A will have spaces on Saturday and Group B will have spaces on Sunday. 


  • Alcohol
  • Pets  



There are no refunds!!

Judge/ Volunteer Info

The events overall success is dependent upon the having the communities support.  Being a judge or a volunteer is a great way to interact with the athletes and learn how these events operate.  If you are interested in competing judging and volunteering is a great place to start!


All Judges are compensated $60 per day worked


All Volunteers will receive a bag of Progenex recovery 


Positions needed:

Head judge

event judge

General volunteers


pre-event setup (friday)

workout pit crew


Be sure you are registered here to receive all communication leading up to the event.  Registration links are at the top of the page.


Judge/Volunteer Assignments - To be released 1/9/13

Schedule for Day

Event Standings

Event Standings Can Be Found At:

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