Dynamic Duo Quest
Sept. 14, 2013, 8 a.m.
Cal State Dominguez Hills (map)
General Info

Welcome to the first of its kind!


Brought to you by Quest Nutrition


Bonnie and Clyde, Batman and Robin, Thelma and Louise, Cagney and Lacey, Abbott and Costello, Pinky and the Brain.... plus a long list of others.  


2 Person Teams -Either 2 males per team or 2 females per team

2 Divisions - RX and Scaled


$10,000 cash plus prizes for Rx divison


Each team will battle it out through a battery of fitness challenges.  Each member of the team must be able to do the work prescribed for their division.

Teams will need to be prepared for the following (but not limited to):

  • Olympic Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean and Jerk)
  • Basic barbell movements (Deadlift, Push Press, Squat, Overhead Squat, Front Squat)
  • Entry level Gymnastics (Pullups, Pushups, Ring dips, Muscle Up(rx only))
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Throwing

Registration is open now and will sell out quickly

$110 per team - NOW until June 15th or unitl First 100 teams

$150 per team - June 16th - July 31st

$180 per team - August 1st - August 9th

$200 per team - August 10th - August 31st


Substitution deadline is 14 days prior to the event.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds or credits to other events.

For substitutions email Aimee@LegendaryCompetitor.com

You will need to have your team name included in the email.

Workout #1

EVENT #1:  Yogi and BooBoo

3 Rounds for Time; 9min CAP

Relay style; one athlete completes a round, tags next athlete and this is repeated until each athlete has completed 3 rounds.


Rx Division

7 Grnd to Shldr @165/115

14 Toes 2 Bar

5-10-15yds Shuttle Run


Scaled Division

5 Grnd to Shldr @135/85

10 Toes 2 Bar

5-10-15yds Shuttle Run




Ground to Shoulder:


There are 2 acceptable variations for this movement.

  1. The athlete may perform a full clean.  Barbell starts at rest on the ground.  The athlete lifts barbell to height where they can descend under the barbell to catch barbell on shoulders in front rack position.  From the squat position stand until all points of performance are met
  2. The athlete may perform a power clean (not descending into full squat) barbell in front rack position then stand until all points of performance are met.

The Points of Performance are as follows:

  • The barbell will start on the ground and each rep must begin with the barbell touching the ground
  • The athlete must bring the barbell to the front rack position in one continuous motion.  The barbell may not rest on any part of the body..  No Continental cleans allowed.  The barbell may not descend once the upward movement has begun (no hang cleans/ pwr cleans)

The rep is counted when the barbell is

  • in the front rack position with elbows in front of the bar
  • hips open and
  • knees locked out

Special notes:

  • The athlete may drop the barbell from overhead; however they must guide it to the ground demonstrating control of where the barbell bounces.  The athlete is responsible for their barbell at all times.  Safety first!


Toes 2 Bar:

The Points of Performance are as follows:

  • The athlete will begin rep hanging with arms fully extended from the horizontal bar
  • The heels must break vertical plane before starting the rep
  • Athlete must elevate both feet to touch the bar with some portion of the foot or shin
  • Both feet must touch the bar at some point simultaneously
  • When touching the bar, the feet must be inside the width of the hands
  • Any portion of the feet may touch (i.e., toes, instep, sole)

The rep is counted when:  

  • Both feet make contact with the bar

Special Notes:

  • A serial rep from the hanging position must begin with athlete’s heels breaking the vertical plane of the horizontal bar


Shuttle Run:

Cones will be secured to the ground and athlete must run out to first cone at 5yds, around it and back. Then to the 10yd cone, around and back followed by the 15yd cone and back.




Workout #2

Who's on First?

For Time; 15 minute time cap

Score: Time or total reps if not completed

Weight of event= 35% out of 100%


Home Plate: 100 Front Squats (Rx: 135/95, Scaled: 105/75) *

then move to next station:

1st Base: 100 Pullups (Rx: CTB/Scaled: Chin over bar)

then move to next station:

2nd Base: 100 Burpees

then move to next station

3rd Base: 100 Box Jumps** (Rx: 30"/24”, Scaled 24"/20")

then the team will partner wheelbarrow*** back to station A (worth 1 point if completed)

Home Plate:  100 Shoulder to overhead* (Rx: 135/95, Scaled: 105/75) *

Grab the flag hanging on the pullup rig to complete the workout

Time Stops!!


Please view Diagram!



* Front Squat and Shoulder to Overhead - Once the barbell is lifted off the ground it may not return to the ground until all of the reps are completed. The team may hold the barbell in front rack, on their back, in the hang or hip crease. If the barbell is set on the ground there is an immediate 5 rep burpee penalty for each team member.  Each team member will complete the burpees at the same time.


**Box Jump - each partner must alternate reps.Only one set of feet may be on top of box at a time.


***Partner Wheelbarrow -  Partner A holds legs of partner B. Partner B walks on hands.  No part of partner B’s legs may touch the ground while traveling.  If legs drop and touch ground the team must move


Movement standards:

Box Jump

The Points of Performance are as follows:

  • Athlete must begin in a standing position on the ground
  • They must jump up off the ground with both feet simultaneously
  • They must land on the box with both feet simultaneously;
  • when permitted, athlete may step up onto box one foot at a time

The rep is counted when:

  • The athlete has both feet on the box
  • Athlete must lock-out knees & get full hip extension while in static control on top of the box

Special Notes:

  • The athlete may jump down or step down
  • The athletes hands can not touch the box during the rep


Front Squat

The points of performance are as follows:

  • Start fully standing, hips open and knees locked out holding barbell in the front rack position at all times
  • Elbows must be in frontal plane relative to barbell at all times
  • Descend into a squat until the hip crease is below the horizontal plane of the top of the knees

The rep is counted when the athlete returns to:

  • A fully standing position with
  • Hips open and
  • Knees locked out
  • Holding barbell in the front rack position
  • Elbows must be in frontal plane relative to barbell


Pull Up (Chin over and Chest to bar)

The points of performance are as follows:

  • The rep starts with the athlete’s arms are fully extended with elbows locked out

The rep is counted when

  • For chin over the bar The athlete’s chin breaks the horizontal plane of the bar
  • For chest to bar the rep is counted when athlete touches any point below the clavicle 


The points of performance is as follows:

  • Athlete must begin in a fully upright, standing position
  • Descend into a horizontal plank position and touch the chest to the ground

The rep is counted when:

  • The athlete returns to a standing position with hips fully open
  • Then jumps vertically with both feet leaving the ground simultaneously

Special Notes:

  • Athlete must jump both feet out to plank position simultaneously as well as jumping them back in to the standing position.


Shoulder to Overhead

There are 5 acceptable variations for this movement:

  1. Shoulder press (Strict Press)
  2. Push Press
  3. Push Jerk
  4. Split Jerk
  5. Thruster

The points of performance are as follows:

For all variations the athlete will begin the reps

  • Fully standing, hips open and knees locked out
  • With the barbell in the front rack position
  • From this starting position the athlete must elevate the barbell to a fully locked out position overhead

The rep is counted when:

  • The barbell reaches a position directly overhead and
  • The athlete’s arms and elbows are locked out vertically with
  • The athlete’s feet stationary, parallel and directly below the hips
  • Hips fully open
  • Knees locked out 





Movement Standard Videos

Schedule of Day


There are two floaters to sign up for:


Ren & Stimpy

5min CAP

Partner A builds to 1RM Grnd to Shldr, Shldr to OH

with remaining time

Partner B builds to 3RM Deadlift


Starsky & Hutch

For Meters:

8min Row for Max Distance (Meters)


**Standards posted soon**




Carson Doubletree Hotel (4 miles)
2 Civic Plaza Dr.
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 830-9200

Comfort Inn & Suites (4 miles)
1390 W 186th St
Gardena CA 90248
(310) 532-8200

Rodeway Inn (5 miles)
15607 S Normandie Ave
Gardena CA 90247
(310) 354-1340



Los Angeles Internat'l Airport (13 miles)
Airport Code: LAX
1 World Way
Los Angeles CA 90045
(310) 646-5252

Long Beach Airport (12 miles)
Airport Code: LGB
4100 E. Donald Douglas Drive
Long Beach, CA
(562) 570-2600

Heat Lists

Heat list as of 9/9/13.  Please note that we had several revisions after initial registration so if anything was missed, please just send corrections to Aimee@LegendaryCompetitor.com immediately.  Thank you!

Heat List by Heat Number

Heat List by Team Name



Affiliate Area

We will have a designated affiliate area on the field located behind the gymnasium.  Please limit to one EZ-Up per affiliate unless you have over 3 teams at which time you can use two spaces.  You may bring EZ-Ups, chairs, coolers, etc.

There will be a warm up area with bars, bumpers, and rowers.  However, feel free to bring your own warm up equipment especially if you have several teams competing as it will ensure you are able to warm up as long as you desire and at whatever time you desire.

Parking & Entry

The closest parking is in Lot 7; the event takes place in the gymnasium (Torodome) at CSU Dominguez Hills.

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