CA Affiliate Showcase 2014 - SoCal (formerly Battle of Boxes)
Jan. 25, 2014, 6 a.m.
LA Convention Center (map)
About Event
The California Affiliate Showcase brings together gyms from all over the United States to challenge themselves 
and see which gym will leave with the championship. Over $5,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to the RX

4 Person Team (2 Males and 2 Females)

Your team must select which they choose to compete. There are Saturday and Sunday slots available. The
Sunday crew will perform the same events in the same order as the Saturday crew. As an athlete you registration
grants you access for the full weekend.

There will be 2 divisions available based on skill and fitness level: Scaled or Advanced

Scaled Division
This division is able to perform all basic bodyweight movements unassisted. They are able to perform all
movements with full range of motion at high intensity. This division will sometimes have scaled weight or reps
in relation to the advanced division. You should have at least 6-8 months of training and have developed the
basic skills required to train at a high intensity. If you have to scale weight for your gym's workout this you
should probably be in this division.

Advanced Division
This division is able to perform the higher skill level gymnastic movements and heavier (traditional rx weights) than
the scaled division. If you are able to rx 90% workouts at the gym and you have been training for over 18 months
then this is probably the division for you.

Event Pricing
December 1st - 31st, $310 per team
January 1st - 14th, $370 per team
The FitExpo Los Angeles Show Hours
Events in South Halls G,H, and J
Saturday January 25, 2013 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Sunday January 26, 2013 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Los Angeles Convention Center is located at:

1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Click here for directions:

Parking Details:

There are a number of parking options for those driving to TheFitExpo Los Angeles. Our event is in the south hall,
so parking at the south side Convention Center entrances are the best. In addition the lots at LA LIVE and the
parking lots across Figueroa will be open and available.
Come early and enjoy a full day with us!
Saturday January 25th and 26th

Athlete Registration - 9:00 am

Spectators Entry - 10:00 am
Event #1 - 10:15 am - 1:05 pm
Event #2 - 1:30 pm - 4:32 pm
Event #3 Floater - 10:30 am - 4:00 pm
Awards - 4:50 pm

Click here for Heat Schedule
Heat List
Heat List by Heat Number - Saturday
Heat List by Heat Number - Sunday
(date/time subject to change)

Once the heat list is posted please check to make sure all your information is correct.  Any changes must be made 4 days prior to the
event. Email requests/changes to

Pre- Reg
Pre- Registration is not available for this event.
Affiliate Space
Below you will find assigned spaces for your team. If you are one of the teams that does NOT have a space assigned you will need to sign up 
for one on our website (TUESDAY 1/14 10am). Spaces are first come first serve. . If your team is already assigned a space you do not need to
reserve one. **If you do you will forfeit your space to another team. On the day of event you may bring a 10x10 EZ- Up per space.
Click here to see the expo map. The Legendary Competitor So Cal Affiliate Showcase event 
is on the left of the map. You will see an area that says "team tent" next to the competition. That is the space you are reserving for your team,
family, and friends to hang out for the day.
* Tuesday 1/14 10am spaces will be open to reserve (top right of event page)
* First come first serve, space is limited
* If you are assigned a space and sign up for another one you will forfeit your space to another team
* Once space are full website will say "Sold Out"
* We will email you your space number a week before the event

If you do not have an assigned space don’t worry there are areas to sit. We are just limited on the amount of space for ez ups but there will be
chairs and space to hang out. You can always use the power of the community and ask to share with an affiliate that has a reserved space.

Click Here for Affiliate Space Number by Team Name - Saturday - updated as of 1/21

Click Here for Affiliate Space Number by Team Name - Sunday - updated as of 1/21 

This is a list to help you prepare only. 
(movement list and standards can be modified at any time)

Movement List

Hang power clean
Front squat
Shoulder to overhead
Single arm farmers carry
Partner wheelbarrow carry
Burpee muscle ups (advanced only) * each team member needs to be able to do at least 1 
Burpee chest to bar pullups (scaled men)
Burpee chin over bar pullups (scaled women)
Burpee deadlifts
Burpee box jump overs
Wall balls
Ground to shoulder + shoulder to overhead (aka clean and jerk)
Handstand walk (advanced only) * 1 male and 1 female from your team needs to do this movement
Deficit pushups (scaled)
Double unders
Assault air bike (similar to the air dyne)
Plus 2 surprise skills to be announced next week

*We will not be discussing weights, heights of ring, distances etc. These details will accompany the release of the workouts as well as
video of movement standard
Movement Standards

Hang power clean
The points of performance are as follows:
- The movement starts with the athlete standing with the barbell in the hands in the hang position
- The athlete then must elevate the barbell to the front rack position.
- The athlete’s elbows must be in front of the barbell in the front rack position
Special notes:
- The barbell may NOT pass below the knees when starting the movement
- If the barbell comes from the floor the athlete must stand fully then initiate the movement. 2 separate movements. The athlete is not allowed
to go from the ground to the shoulders in a single movement.
Front squat
The points of performance are as follows:
- Start fully standing, hips open and knees locked out holding barbell in the front rack position at all times
- Elbows must be in frontal plane relative to barbell at all times
- Descend into a squat until the hip crease is below the horizontal plane of the top of the knees
The rep is counted when the athlete returns to:
- A fully standing position with
- Hips open
- Knees locked out
- Holding barbell in the front rack position
- Elbows must be in frontal plane relative to barbell

Shoulder to overhead
There are 5 acceptable variations for this movement:
1. Shoulder press (Strict Press)
2. Push Press
3. Push Jerk
4. Split Jerk
5. Thruster
The points of performance are as follows:
- For all variations the athlete will begin the reps
- Fully standing, hips open and knees locked out
- With the barbell in the front rack position
- From this starting position the athlete must elevate the barbell to a fully locked out position overhead
The rep is counted when:
- The barbell reaches a position directly overhead and
- The athlete’s arms and elbows are locked out vertically with
- The athlete’s feet stationary, parallel and directly below the hips
- Hips fully open
- Knees locked out
Single arm farmer carry - to be release

Partner wheelbarrow carry
The points of performance are as follows:
- Partner A holds legs of partner B. Partner B walks on hands
- No part of partner B’s legs may touch the ground while traveling. If legs drop and touch ground the team must move partner A’s hands back
to the point where the legs made contact

- Partner B feet must pass the turnaround line before turning around
Burpee muscle up
The points of performance are as follows:
- The rep starts with the athlete standing
- The athlete will perform a burpee – dropping to ground touching chest to ground and return to standing position.
- They must then jump to/ be assisted to grab the rings
- The muscle up starts with the athlete’s arms are fully extended with elbows locked out
The rep is counted when:
- The athlete vertically above the rings with arms locked out

Burpee pull up (chin over and chest to bar) 
The points of performance are as follows:
- The rep starts with the athlete standing
- The athlete will perform a burpee – dropping to ground touching chest to ground and return to standing position.
- The athlete then jumps to pullup bar
The rep is counted when:
- For chin over the bar the athlete’s chin breaks the horizontal plane of the bar
- For chest to bar the rep is counted when athlete touches any point below the clavicle

Burpee deadlift
The Points of Performances are as follows:
- The athlete starts in a fully standing position
- The barbell starts on the ground
- The athlete will place both hands on barbell
- Perform a burpee where they step or jump their feet back to plank position
- Touch their chest to the barbell
- Press back up to plank position
- Step or jump their feet back in
- The athlete will stand while elevating the barbell from the ground and reach a full standing position
- There is no jump for this movement
The rep is counted when:
- Hips fully open
- Knees fully locked out, and
- Shoulders behind the vertical plane of the barbell
Special notes:
- The athlete may use any grip – Mixed grip, regular or supinated
- The athletes may not drop the barbell at the top of the rep
- Sumo deadlifts are allowed

Burpee box jump overs - to be released

Wall balls 
Athlete begins at fully standing position with medicine ball in hand at chest level
- Hips fully open
- Knees locked out
Athlete descends with medicine ball to bottom-of-squat position
- hip crease below top of knees
Athlete elevates to a standing position while tossing the medicine ball to hit a specified target/height
- When target is designated goal, the ball must make initial contact with the face of the target
- When height is designated goal, that ball must make initial contact with the wall at a point above the designated height
The rep is provisionally counted when the ball hits the target/designated height
- Athlete must catch the ball to count the rep
If athlete pauses, drops the ball, retrieves the ball from the ground or catches the ball after a bounce on the ground, the next 
rep must begin with athlete at fully standing position with medicine ball in hand at chest level
Ground to shoulder + shoulder to overhead (aka clean and jerk) - to be released
Handstand walk
- Athlete must attain a vertical handstand position and demonstrate balance and control while proceeding forward by use of the hands only.
- If athlete falls or comes down from the handstand position, s/he must return to handstand in any fashion before proceeding.
- If athlete falls or comes down from the handstand position, forward progress ceases at the hand position nearest the starting line.

Deficit pushups
The points of performance are as follows:
- The rep begins when athlete reaches a horizontally-inclined, plank position with hands ontop of plates
- The athlete will then lower themselves while maintaining the plank position until their chest is in contact with the ground.
- When pressing back to the plank position the athlete’s chest must rise with the hips. There will be no “snakes” allowed.
The rep is counted when:
- Athlete returns to a horizontally-inclined plank position, with arm fully extended and elbows fully locked out, with only hands and feet touching ground

Special notes:
- Athlete’s knees may not touch the ground
- The feet may not leave the ground during any part of the movement

Double unders
The points of performance are as follows:
- The athlete must hold opposite ends of a jump rope in each hand
- Then jump up and rotate the rope passing below the feet twice before athlete’s touch the ground again
The rep is counted when:
- The rope clear the athlete’s feet and be in the rear plane once the feet touch the ground for the rep to count
Event #1
Time Cap: 10 minutes

Each athlete will perform 3 sets of the following complex before switching to next athlete. 
The lifting order must be :Female 1/ Male 1/Female 2 / Male 2

A. 3 sets of the following complex: 
4 hang power cleans
4 front squats
4 shoulder to overhead

  • The 3 sets of the above complex must be preformed unbroken. Meaning the barbell can not touch the ground during this section only. The athlete may only rest the barbell in the front rack, on the back, in the hip crease or hold it in their hands only.
  • At the start of the workout both barbells for the team (men's bar and women's bar) must be lifted off the ground and remain off the ground for the entirety of the this section only. The team can figure out how they want to accomplish this.
  • The penalty for the barbell touching the ground is 5 burpees each person is succession. Athlete 1 does 5 burpees then athlete 2 does 5 burpees then athlete 3 does 5 burpees then athlete 4 does 5 burpees
  • The athlete may NOT do a squat clean from the fourth rep for the hang clean to start the first front squat
  • The athlete may do a thruster from the fourth front squat to the first shoulder to overhead
Weights for complex:
Advanced Division
Male 135# Female 95#
Scaled Division
Male 95# Female 65#

Once the entire team has completed the complex they will immediately move into:
B. 20yds single arm farmers carry out and back relay

  • The athlete will carry the object in a single hand out travel around the cone then return to start line. Both fee must pass the line before passing handle to the next team member.
  • The athlete may switch hands during the trip. However, they can not have the object in both hands and movin forward.
  • The athlete may set the object down at any time
  • The team will have 1 handle and will change the wieght from male to female. Males will have 45# plate and 25# plate on each side, while the females will have only a 25# plate
Weights for farmer carry
Male = 140# handle
Female = 50# handle
While the athlete is farmer carrying the other team members must complete 25 double unders (advanced must be unbroken) each in succession. 
Only one person at a time is allowed to do double unders. The team switches farmer carrier once all double unders complete.
Once the entire team
has completed the farmer carry/ double under section. They immediately move into:
C. Partner wheel barrow carry 20yds

Female 1 will wheelbarrow carry male 1 leg's.  Male 1 will walk on his hands the entire distance.  This pair of athletes will travel out 20yds to a
checkpoint then they will switch and male 1 will carry female 1’s legs back 20yds to start.  Then female 2 will carry male 2 leg's just like f1/m1
Event #2 
Burpee’s Etc
Time cap: 11min

- Only one person working at a time
- Only one person touching the rings or barbell
- Next athlete cannot start rep until the previous rep is fully completed
- Each athlete must do at least one rep of each movement
- Team advances to next station together

35 burpees muscle ups
60 burpee box jump overs 24” (same height for male and female)
90 burpee deadlifts 275#/ 185#
120 wall ball m25#  f16#
35 burpees muscle ups
90 burpee pullups
60 burpee box jump overs 20" (same height for male and female)
90 burpee deadlifts 185#/ 135#
120 wall balls 20#/14#
90 burpees pullups
Wall ball weight
Advanced - males = 25# females = 16#
Scaled - males = 20# females = 14#
Box Height
advanced = 24” scaled= 20”

  • Women will use women bars
  • The athletes knees can not touch the floor during the burpee deadlift
  • We can allow the barbell to be dropped once the athlete reaches full extension at the top of the deadlift
Event #3 (floater)
Skills Challenge

Here are the SKILLS:
A. Build to 1rm Ground to Shoulder + Shoulder to Overhead in 4 minutes total. 
2 minutes for each team member - Scored as the  total of the heaviest successful lift for both the male and female combined)

B. Air Assault for 2 min total - 1 minute for each of the 2 team members

C. 5yd-10yd-15yd speed drill ( in 2 minute time cap (all 4 team member must complete this relay style by tagging the next partner)

D. Handstand walks (advanced) / Deficit pushup (scaled) 2 minutes total (1 minute each team member)

The Rules:
- The teams will select their time to complete the Skills Challenge based on how it fits into the other event heat times.
- Each member of the team MUST do 2 skills.  
- 2 team members for each skill challenge (except skill c where all 4 members must complete the relay)
- 1 female and 1 male combination.  No same gender combination
- There is 30s transition between each station

Station A - Both athletes may load the bar prior to the start of the heat with their opening attempts.  The weight breakdown for the platform will be (subject to change):
45# x 6
35# x 4
25# x 4
15# x 4
10# x 8
5# x 4
2.5# x 4

There will 1 minute to load the barbell prior to the station clock starting. The event will start exactly at the end of this minute. regardless if the team has finished loading the bar
  • Your team can help you load the bar during this minute to help ensure you get the most time on the barbell.
  • There is 30sec to transition between each station.
  • The athlete must wait for the down signal from the judge before the rep will count

Station B - The athletes may adjust seat heat prior to the start of this station.  However they may not mount the bike until the clock starts for this station.


  • There will be a 10s transition between athlete 1 and athlete 2 for this station.

Station C - 5-10-15 drill -  This event has a 2 min time cap to the entire team to finish.  If the team does not finish all 4 athletes then they will receive points for each cone reached.  This is done relay style.



If the time cap is reached then this station will be scored in points acheived.  Each cone reached is worth a point.
The athletes must tag the hand of the next runner.
The active runner's feet must cross the line before tagging the next runner

Station D - The athletes have 2 minutes to achieve as many points as possible by reaching the designated marker.

  • The athletes will be handstand walking on rubber mats
  • The deficit pushup for males will be 45# bumper plate
  • The deficit pushup for females will be 25# bumper plate
  • Women will use women bars
The success of any event is dependent upon the support from the community. We have close to 100 affiliates represented with athletes.
We would love to see the same support with judges and volunteers.
To be a judge you MUST:
1. Know the movements and the associated points of performance for each movement as identified in posted videos and conference calls
2. Be confident in making the judgement call
3. Be able to communicate clearly and effectively
4. Know the difference between coaching/cheerleading and being a strict judge

All judges receive:
To be announced
To be a volunteer you MUST:
1. Be able to perform the activities associated with your assignment
2. Be flexible - sometimes things change, be willing to adapt
3. Be able to work independently as well as in groups
All volunteers receive:
To be announced
Be sure you are registered on our website to receive all communication leading up to the event.
Conference Call Schedule
Tuesday January 14, 2014 at 7:00pm
Wednesday January 22, 2014 at 7:00pm

Call in number:  559-726-1000
Access code:  1051964#
Judge/Volunteer Assignments - To be released 
Substitutions can be made up to 14 days prior to the event. After Saturday January 11, 2014 no changes will be accepted.

Substitutions will be done different for this event. Please email changes to include all necessary info. 
(team name, full name, athlete number, email, shirt size) Remember you only have till 1/11/14 to do this.

*All changes will be made on the back end of our system and you will not see the reflection in your athlete profile. Once a change is made 
you will get an email from us letting you know the information you provided was updated.
- Water/ snacks (food for athletes ONLY in athelte area)
- Chalk (please be mindful and treat the venue with respect)
- Ice
- Change of clothes 
- Chairs/ lounge blankets
- 1 10x10 EZ Up per assigned affiliate space

- Alcohol
- Pets
Q. Does the registered team get a wristband for their coach?
A. No, only athletes get a wristband - which is good for both days at the expo if you keep it on
Q. How much does it cost for spectator?
A. $20 per person - good for both days
Q Where can I buy spectator tickets?
A. On the FitExp website or at the door
Q. My team is competing Sunday but we would like to come watch Saturday. Can we get our wristbands early?
A. Yes you may come Saturday and pre-reg (9-10am) to get your wristband and have access for both days
Don't see the answer you are looking for email 
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