Very Cheap No Deposit Car Insurance

So recently, I was looking for the best place to buy very cheap no deposit car insurance near me. And I turned to Google because that’s where I get 100% of my wisdom from.

I have since become the only person in the history of the internet that has searched the term ‘how to find moderately priced car insurance’. There were no relevant results.

The internet is flooded with advice on getting the cheapest deal possible. But is that really a good thing?

I get that car insurance isn’t necessarily something you want to spend your money on. Unless you’re a person who likes giving away large chunks of money in the hopes that they receive absolutely nothing in return.

But why are we all so obsessed with paying less?

I grew up hearing the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’. So why would I want to get less? Even if you sign up for the lowest possible level of cover. The kind that won’t cover any damage if your car is stolen, or damaged while you’re at work. You still have to pay money for it. And then probably pay to fix your car yourself anyway.

Considering the calibre of the areas I usually park in. It’s definitely more likely that I will need to replace slashed tyres and broken windows more often than I’ll need to make a claim for an actual collision. So cheap cover? No thanks.

When did the word ‘cheap’ even become something desirable? I called my boyfriend ‘cheap’ the other day. He didn’t take it as a compliment.

If companies are giving cover away for such little money, how will they stay in business? They may offer me an attractive deal to get me to sign up. But if I actually make a claim it might bankrupt them. And then I’ll be left destitute. So who has the cheapest auto insurance shouldn’t matter, but who has the best!

So that’s why I don’t really want the cheapest no deposit car insurance.