Things I Resent Spending Money On

I love spending money. I love having new things, and fun experiences, and seeing new places. And all of that costs money. I’m fine with that. If I want to do something worthwhile I expect it to cost money. It’s cool. I get it.

But there are some things that I absolutely hate parting with my hard earned cash for.

I don’t like paying a fee to park my car. It makes otherwise free activities cost money. And it’s normally really expensive. Also, the longer you stay the higher the price, which annoys me. And if you lose your ticket you have to pay for a full day even if you’ve literally only been there for 10 minutes.

The bus/train
The bus is my least favourite place on this earth. I’m never more miserable than when I’m on a bus. Honestly. I’m of the firm belief that someone should be paying me to take buses, not the other way round. And it’s not even cheaper than driving! Bus tickets where I live are double the price of staying in a city centre car park and half as convenient.

Car Insurance
The one reason I don’t usually mind spending money is because I at least get the pleasure of holding something tangible and new in my hands. Heading off to one of the companies that sell car insurance near me, takes the only thing that’s enjoyable about spending away. All I leave with is ‘peace of mind’ and that is a poor replacement for shoes. Here’s where I find car insurance near me :

Another thing I hate buying is food. I don’t mind going to restaurants. My problem is with grocery shopping specifically. It’s just raw ingredients. I feel like I’m paying for the privilege of not having my meals cooked for me.

Currency exchange
If I earn money, why do I have to pay to be able to use it? It’s MY money, I shouldn’t be punished for broadening my horizons by going overseas.